Oz Garden 

General Information:

The Oz Garden is 
located at Butler Haynes Park

9424 S Mapleton Road
Mapleton, IL 61547
Open 8:00am to Dusk

Scarecrow and Oz
2016 Oz Fest mailbox
2016 Oz Fest Barn
2016 Oz Fest Dorothy at Professor Marvels
Ruby Slippers
2016 Yellow Brick Road Sign
2016 Oz Fest Corn Field
2016 Oz Fest Character on the yellow brick road
2016 Oz Garden Scarecrow in field
Dorothy and Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road
ON the trail to the Witches Castle
2016 Oz Fest Lion with the Lion
Scarecrow and Flying Monkey
2016 Oz Garden Flying Monkey
2016 Oz Garden Witches Castle
2016 Oz Fest Characters at the Rainbow
2016 oz Fest chararcters in Emerald city

The New Oz Garden, located by Diamond 3, has a new yellow brick road that starts in Munchkinland and travels through the Scarecrow's field, the Tinman's Cabin, the Lion and ends at Emerald City.  When you visit, you may also walk through the farm, Professor Marvel's area and the Haunted Forest trail and Witches Castle.


Our gardners and maintenance staff worked extremely hard to relocate the garden in 4 1/2 months for our annual

 Oz Festival Illinois 

Kircher Shelter:

The Kircher Shelter, (located in the old Oz Garden),  can be rented

Monday through Sunday  from 8:00 a.m. to Dusk.

Kircher Shelter is located in Butler Haynes Park. 

All reservations can be made by visiting the Hollis Recreation Center at
10107 S. Vine St. Mapleton, IL. 61547.

Rental Fee: $25.00


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